Research : Discrimination

Working Papers (and Conference Workshop Presentations)

Simplicity Creates Inequity: Implications for Fairness, Stereotypes, and Interpretability,” with Jon Kleinberg, draft, 2018.

Publications and Refereed Conference Presentations

The Inversion Problem: Why Algorithms Should Infer Mental State and Not Just Predict Behavior,” with Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig, and Manish Raghavan. Perspectives on Psychological Science, December 2023.

An algorithmic approach to reducing unexplained pain disparities in underserved populations,” with Emma Pierson, David M. Cutler, Jure Leskovec and Ziad Obermeyer, in Nature Medicine volume 27, pages 136–140 (2021)

Allocation of COVID-19 Relief Funding to Disproportionately Black Counties”, with Pragya Kakani, Amitabh Chandra and Ziad Obermeyer. Journal of American Medical Association, August 2020.

Algorithms as discrimination detectors.” with Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig, and Cass R. Sunstein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences July 28 (2020).

An Economic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness“. with Ashesh Rambachan, Jon Kleinberg and Jens Ludwig, in AEA Papers and Proceedings (Vol. 110, pp. 91-95). [nonrefereed]

Discrimination in the Age of Algorithms,” joint with Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig, and Cass Sunstein, Journal of Legal Studies, 2018.

A Comparison of Patient History- and EKG-based Cardiac Risk Scores,” joint with Andrew C. Miller and Ziad Obermeyer, Proceedings of the AMIA Summit on Clinical Research Informatics (CRI), 2019

Debt Traps? Market Vendors and Moneylender Debt in India and the Philippines,” with Dean Karlan and Benjamin N. Roth (2018), forthcoming American Economic Review: Insights.  (Also National Bureau of Economic Research working paper 24272).

Algorithmic Fairness,” joint with Jon Kleinberg, Jens Ludwig and Ashesh Rambachan  (2018), AEA Papers and Proceedings (Vol. 108, pp. 22-27). (Non refereed).

Inherent Trade-Offs in the Fair Determination of Risk Scores,” with Jon Kleinberg and Manish Raghavan (2017). Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS).

The Psychological Lives of the Poor,” with Frank Schilbach and Heather Schofield, American Economic Review. May 2016, 106 (5): 124-127. (Non-refereed)

Labor Market Discrimination in Dehli: Evidence from a Field Experiment,” with Abhijit Banerjee, Marianne Bertrand, & Saugato Datta, Journal of Comparative Economics, 37( 1), 2009:14-27.

Implicit Discrimination,” with Marianne Bertrand & Dolly Chugh, American Economics Review, 95(2), 2005:94-98.

Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination,” with Marianne Bertrand, American Economic Review, 94( 4), September 2004: 991-1013.

Book Chapters

Psychology and Development Economics,” in Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation 50th Anniversary Conference on Economic Institutions and Behavioral Economics, eds. Peter Diamond & Hannu Vartiainen, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 2007.

Better Choices to Reduce Poverty,” in Understanding Poverty, eds. Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, Roland Benabou & Dilip Mookherjee, Oxford University Press, 2006:379-389.

Other Articles (and More General Writings)

Take-up: Why Microfinance Take-up Rates Are Low & Why It Matters,” with Dean Karlan, Jonathan Morduch, Financial Access Initiative framing note, June 2010.

Psychology and Economics: What it Means for Microfinance,”  with Sudha Krishnan, Financial Access Initiative framing note, April 2008.