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Research Assistant – Machine Learning and Health.  Are you interested in medicine and health policy, passionate about extracting meaning from complex data, and looking to work on real-world problems? Are you excited about a position that is defined by what you do and the impact you can have?  The Laboratory for Systems Medicine focuses on translating big health data into insights for clinical practice and industry.  Apply here.

Research Assistant – Right now, experts rely on passive media—books, videos, etc.—to communicate their expertise.  These media have a linear structure that can’t accommodate the underlying complexity of true expertise.  This project seeks to create an active form of media that a reader can interrogate, because it encodes the formulae and rules that make up expertise in a particular area. Our first test case will be to create an “active” chocolate chip cookie recipe.  We need RAs who can survey recipes currently available and create databases and rules from that information. See the full ad here.